Plastic’s Role in Reducing CO2 Emissions

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Announcement: Post-consumer Food-grade PP is currently being recycled ready for analysis from NEXTLOOPP members

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Reaching net zero by the middle of the century is now a global target, and one of the multitude of actions we need to take to achieve this involves plastic.

When it comes to exploring solutions to reduce our carbon emissions, it is not often that plastic packaging is considered. We are so busy trying to limit our dependence on plastic that we risk overlooking its potential CO2 reducing role.

As leading food packaging suppliers we consider every aspect of the materials we use and this involves the level of protection they offer through to their weight, recyclability and appearance. Enhancing food protection is key as this reduces food waste, yet it has to be balanced with the weight of the packaging to reduce its transport footprint.


Let the whole industry collaborate to produce post-consumer food-grade polypropylene.

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