Opinion: ‘Busting the sorting myth’

Professor Edward Kosior of Nextek, who has long involvement in the plastics recycling sector, outlines some steps to be taken to improve the recycling process from beginning to end

Post-consumer Food-Grade Polypropylene








Announcement: Post-consumer Food-grade PP is currently being recycled ready for analysis from NEXTLOOPP members

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Opinion: ‘Busting the sorting myth’

One point most of us in the recycling business agree on is that there is no one single solution to managing our waste. Take plastic, that generally has lower overall environmental impacts than single-use glass or metal in most impact categories, if we reduce its use we risk causing an imbalance as we increase our production of other materials such as glass or paper that may increase CO2 emissions.


Let the whole industry collaborate to produce post-consumer food-grade polypropylene.

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